Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Thoughts of you distract me. Time has stretched too long. Your fingers have been too long away from mine. Your eyes look into mine only when I sleep.

Memories of your lips, the way they feel on mine, do not tide me over any longer. The way your tongue explores my lips before your lips meet mine. The way your breath touches my skin as you pull me closer. The way you pull me close to meet you, pull me close with your arms, and your lips, and your eyes, and your touch.

Those thoughts distract me.

Do you still think about the time we managed to rob reality of those few moments? When your arms were wrapped around me? When I felt your skin on mine for the first time? The way I nibbled your ear. The sensitive part of your neck that made your breath hitch? Do you remember the way my fingers felt on your chest? The way my hands traced trails down your stomach.

Did my mouth leave a memory? Or was it my tongue? Exploring all of you, taking you in my mouth. Warming you slowly. Listening to you moan, I know you enjoyed it at the time. I can still taste you. The sweet salty taste of you.

When I close my eyes I can almost feel you on top of me again. I can almost feel the look in your eyes. The roughness of your chest on mine. The heat of us radiating into the cool of the room. The feel of you inside me, the complete connection with you. The relief of finally getting what I had been waiting for.

These thoughts distract me...

Do they distract you?

It is time for more distracting thoughts. Time for more memories. Time for more.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Even the water seems to groan when it is forced to move this early in the morning. The sound of the shower sputtering awake in the other room reminds me that the day must start soon. My hands reach to the place where your body just left, still warm from you. I roll over and the scent of you lingers on the pillow. Closing my eyes I breath deep, feeling you around me despite your absence.

The soft thump of your feet enter the shower, I can almost hear you groan. Your eyes closed, body adjusting to the heat as the steam begins to build. Rivers running down your back, across your ass, down your legs to swirl on the floor before taking the evidence of last night away.

I want to touch you. I want to feel your skin made slippery by the soap. I want spread the lather with my fingers and wash you clean. I want to rub my body against you, slick and sliding. I want to trace words of endearment in the suds left on your back. I want to feel you get hard as I reach between your legs and stroke you clean. Water running between us, steam rising...breath heavy.

With the thought of you looking down at me with wet lashes, getting harder in my hand, I reach between my legs to find my own warm wet place. Remembering the way you filled me so completely I reach in my fingers, vainly searching for what is left of you inside of me. Recreating the way you licked me so well, I reach for a release of my own. Fingers tracing circles around my nipples, remembering the way your teeth nibbled. I can almost feel you there.

Your breath on my neck startles me, "You're getting dirty while I'm getting clean", you say with a hint of teasing.

Come back to bed. Come get dirty with me. I'll clean you off when we're done.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just a Dream...

"Close your eyes" breaths the voice in my ear.

The heat of his mouth moves slowly down my neck. My face pressed into the pillow catches my gasp as his lips brush my skin at the top of my shoulder. The weight of his body next to me on the bed, where moments before were just pillows.

"I'm not here, I'm just a figment of your imagination." whispers words as they travel down my spine. Sending shooting sensations, waking every cell from my sleepy slumber.

Stubble scratching skin at the small of my back, his fingers trace a trail up the back of my thighs. Moving slowly, languorously tracing circles on goose bumped flesh. All sensation corralled to the center of me, all anticipation waiting to be touched with those lips, those fingers.

"Roll over." Growls the voice, hands on hips adjusting me to his whim. Hands on my wrists pulling my arms above my head. Grasping both of my hands in one of his he holds me helpless while he looks. Reaching in his back pocket he pulls out a scarf, black, reflecting the ambient light from the window. Winding around my wrists he binds my hands to the bed, firmly but gently letting me test the tautness of the scarf. Knowing that I am now stretched out before him, alone with him, vulnerable...ready for him.

Trailing fingers down the inside of my arm, tracing fingers lightly invoke nerve ending responses. My entire body is erect with anticipation. The side of his hand lightly brushes underneath the curve of a breast tensing for touch. His eyes delight at the catch in my breath, the rise of my chest to meet his fingers. Tongue darting between his lips, he smiles a promise.

Leaning down, hands on either side of my helpless form, nibbling gently on one one nipple at a time. They glisten in the moonlight after his tongue has left it's last flick. Reaching on their own accord back towards his mouth. Rolling one between his finger and his thumb, tugging gently, while nibbling and sucking on the other. The bristle of the day's growth an obvious distinction to the softness of his lips.

A sigh escapes as he loosens his grip. His fingers tracing lazy circles down my side to my hips. Reaching around to pull my legs open, he settles himself between. Tongue flicking trails from stomach to legs to the crevices hidden from view. Straining to give him access, reaching my hips towards him, pulling against the ties, aware of only the contact of his lips.

Parting the folds with his fingers, wet and warm and waiting for him. Looking up at me to meet my desperate look of need. Watching my face as he finds the nub of nerves waiting for his touch. He rolls his thumb, knowing I will throw my head back, overwhelmed by the feeling. It's building, as he moves me closer and switches from thumb to tongue and back again, all the while never taking his gaze from my face. Watching as he takes my resolve. Watching as I lose control to him. Watching as I bite my lip to hold back the moan.

Lost in the moment, I am jarred by his abrupt departure. I cannot see where he has gone. I did not feel him leave. I strain my ears to hear his breath. The echoing buzz from the bottom of the bed makes me jump, knowing what will happen next.

"Not until I tell you to." He calmly states.

Holding my breath in anticipation, I strain towards him. His breath sends shivers now that I am wet and waiting. He traces two fingers down my clit, past the folds, into the soft heat tensing to feel him. I feel the cool hard vibe slide deep inside me. He rolls it around between his fingers, searching for the right spot.

"Not until I tell you, remember." He whispers.

I know what is coming next. With a deep breath I ready myself for the sensational overload. He positions his mouth over my slit...lapping gently with his tongue. As the sensations build and I tense around his fingers he turns on the vibe, pressed deep inside, right against my pelvic bone, the vibrations sending sensations to the ends of my fingers. He sucks a little harder and moves his fingers in time. The vibrations, the motions, the flick of his tongue building to a crescendo that is threatening to take me over the edge at any moment.

"Not until I tell you." His voice echoes in my head.

My hips grind against his mouth, aching for more, straining against his hand. His free hand reaches up taking hold of a handful of my breast, kneading. Tugging on my nipple, directing the depth of the vibe, tongue flicking faster and faster. I'm losing control, I tighten around his fingers, my legs tense, holding my breath trying to keep it at bay.

Then he stops. The abrupt halt to all stimulation leaving me floating for a moment, almost sending me over the edge just by virtue of the intensity of the change. His fingers still buried deep inside me. His mouth still warm and enveloping around my clit. His hand still possessively gripping my nipple. He just stops moving. With no warning he pulls himself away. Gasping I open my eyes to see what he has prepared next.

He's leaned up on his elbow, just watching. Eyes following the curves of my body from the glistening mound he has just left, past the peaks of my nipples still straining from his touch, over the rise and fall of my chest as the gasps subside. His gaze leaves goosebumps in it's wake. My arms straining against the restraints, my legs spread wide for his access. My lips full with anticipation, eyes glazed with intensity. He simply watches the picture develop.

"I'm going to fuck you now." Grin tugging at the side of his mouth. He leans down and takes possession of mine. The scent of me mingling with the scent of him.

Taking both ankles in one hand, he holds my legs in front of him. His cock is bouncing to time with his heart beat. I can see his balls building with the need to release. My mouth watering with need to just taste him for a moment. I feel the head press firmly, I strain to catch more than he's trying to give. I moan and beg for more of that sweet cock. I want to feel him slam himself as far as he can go, I want to be filled by him and grind against his pelvis. I'm begging for more, and yet, all he will give me is the tip.

Inch by inch he slowly gives me more. I can feel each and every bump, turn, indention of his cock. It's harder than it has ever been. It's going deeper than it's ever been. His eyes are closed feeling each and every sensation the same as me. I squeeze around him, he gasps. He thrusts into me hard. I moan. I squeeze harder, and he thrusts harder as our rhythm picks up pace.

He lets my legs fall naturally so they can wrap around him, hold him tighter. He leans over to nibble my neck, little bites from my ear to my collar bone. His chest rubbing on mine as he keeps up the rhythm. I am incapable of words, the sounds from the back of my throat tell him I'm on the edge...close.

"I want to feel you cum on my cock." He whispers in my ear.

His deep voice, his breath in my ear. The sounds of our bodies fighting each other for more. The feel of him, hot...hard...deep inside me with each thrust. His fingers on my nipples, his mouth on my neck. Involuntarily I feel the pressure building. My muscles tensing around him, my legs tightening around his back. My back arching to meet each thrust. The moans from the back of my throat turn to involuntary screams as the release that he has been building inside of me is finally let go.

Deep inside of me he locks himself, to feel the contractions of my cunt around his rock hard cock. He is cumming...each shot sending electric jolts of nerve sensations out to the end of my body as I feel the stream of cum shoot from the end of him. Pulling out, through the clamping tight muscles of my pussy, still locked in my own orgasm, he drives deep again. A deep moan escapes from him...his muscles give an involuntary shake.

Laying inside of me, collapsed on top of me, heads next to each other on the pillow, we breath. Softly he kisses my lips, my nose, my forehead. His hands make lazy strokes up my still bound arms to release the ties.

"Close your eyes." He softly whispers in my ear as he rolls off of me to find the blankets.

"I am here. I am not a figment of your imagination." He says as he pulls up the covers over my sweat shined body.

"Roll over." He says as he wraps his arms around me, holding me tight, kissing my head. We drift off to sleep.

Until morning...

Monday, June 25, 2007


I can't remember all the names. There are too many faces, too many expectations standing around waiting for something to happen. All dressed up in their need to impress suits, all hoping to stand out in the crowd. They don't know they are all but the backdrop for you.

Your hand on my back, steering me through the crowd, a nod here...a smile there. Your hand moves lower just to remind me of the promises you made before we arrived. Head bent you whisper in my ear...

"Are you still wet?"

"Mmm mmm", I reply under my breath, trying to control the flush as I respond to the greeting of yet another face requiring my attention.

Dinner is starting. I search your face, hoping for the sign that we can skip out early. Your evil little grin tells me you know what I'm thinking, but that I will be denied.

We sit. My thigh against your thigh. My hip against your hip. My foot winds around your leg with a mind of its own. This close to your body I have no control. My hand on your thigh, reaching between your legs during the dinner conversation. You take my hand to stop me from reaching where I want to go. Under my breath I sigh in frustration.

The speaker has started. People clap. The annoyance of leaving your hand long enough to put mine together frustrates me. Your eyes twinkle. Teasing. Between awards your hand has found my knee. Moving up, slowly, to the top of my stockings. The sensitive area exposed above my stockings. Bared as you requested.

Finally the bobbles have been passed out. The dessert has been cleared away. We just sit. Your arm thrown lazily around the back of my chair. Seemingly deep in conversation with the people at the table, our legs intertwine underneath. Unseen. Unknown.

As the conversation shifts away from us I lean up to whisper in your ear "please can we go home now? I want you."



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Morning

Soft sheets catch between my legs as I stretch, aware of the first thoughts of the morning. Sunlight just beginning to filter through the window, hidden by the dawn, reaching for your face. You hide from the day buried under the pillow. Blankets strewn across your body as I was last night I am envious of their closeness to you.

With slow movements so not to wake you I slide my body closer, reaching under your burrow of covers to find what I claimed last night. Exhausted, sleeping, peaceful in your morning slumber you are completely unaware of the thoughts that woke me.

Careful not to tickle you with my hair, I bend my head down, lightly tracing my tongue from the bottom of your still sleeping shaft to the top. Although no reaction is apparent your feet twitch. I loop my tongue around you and take you in my mouth, warm, wet...lightly sucking with smooth regular pressure. Nothing else touching your skin to let you know I am there.

From the bottom to the top the blood begins to rush in, before thought even enters your mind. Your sleepy body isn't yet capable of movement, yet you are thrusting against my mouth, wanting to go deeper. Keeping you in my mouth, I swirl my tongue around from the back to the front and back again. You moan...I think you're starting to wake up.

Reaching down with one hand I cup your balls, lightly massaging them while keeping firm even strokes with my mouth. Your hips keeping time with my mouth increase the pace. Your hands find my hair, twining through, holding on. You groan...I think you're awake now.

My mouth tightens, my tongue speeds up. I take you deeper into my mouth. You are covered with a warm slippery wetness that has taken all friction away. Smoothly you slide past my lips, over my tongue, past my cheeks, to my throat and back again. Your balls tense...I can feel the pressure building. I moan to help you along, the small vibrations from the back of my throat playing on the most sensitive tip of you.

"I'm gonna cum", you whisper.

I speed up to show you that's what I want you to do. I want to feel your release from the palm of my hand through my lips. You start to tense, you're close. My lips tighten the pressure. I suck harder. My tongue swirls faster. The warmth that is you fills my mouth in one great gush, with a moan from you that you can't control.

Keeping you in my mouth softly until you have come down from your peak, I softly take you back to where you started. You run your fingers through my hair, oblivious to the way the sunlight has now stretched out and reached you. Blankets shoved to the bottom of the bed, pillows strewn, sheets rumpled, this is where we were last night. I roll up to lay in your arms once more.

Good morning.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


"Come here" says the message that pops up on my screen.

Tipping my head up, I look in his eyes.

This is my favorite place. The place where we can just be us. Curled up on the couch, watching tv. I'm working on my laptop. He's working on his laptop. Leaning against him, we're together, in our own worlds. Occasionally we'll invade each other's world...just as a reminder that we're together.

"I am here" I respond.

"I know...but I want you HERE here" he says.

"I am HERE here" I say.

I flip the screen down on my computer and roll over. He pretends he doesn't notice. His eyes stay on his screen. I slip my hands under his laptop to feel his thighs. I love the feel of his thighs. His muscles tense under my fingers. His breath speeds up, but his eyes never waiver.

My hands move up to find his waist. Undoing the buttons, he reacts, even though he doesn't move. Finally he sets the computer aside. Hands twine in my hair, stroking softly.


"Hi. How was your day honey?"

"Better now."

Pulling my head up he searches for my lips. One hand holding tightly in my hair, the other wrapped firmly around my body. His tongue graces mine, teasing lightly then tasting fully, pulling me closer with each breath.

He pulls at my shirt, as I pull at his. Climbing on top of him so I can feel his skin. The warmth of his chest on mine. The feel of his chest as it touches mine deeper with each breath. Straddling him, grinding my hips on his. Touching his skin. Kissing his neck. Feeling his hands. I'm lost.

Eyes closed, I reach down guiding him where I need him to be. I want him to fill the void, fill the wet warm place that's been waiting for him all day. I sink down onto him. Moaning at the intense fullness that only he brings. His tongue moves around my mouth in slow lazy circles. Echoing the movements inside of me. Moving faster, deeper than should be possible.

Throwing my head back giving him access to my nipples, bites lightly and holds my hips tighter. He thrusts faster. I moan as the pressure builds. The sensations centering around him and the pleasure he brings.

"Cum now." He growls in my ear.

I contract around him, tensing in anticipation of my release. Shifting my hips in time with his thrusts. Feeling him deep, not wanting him to stop. Feeling him tense as he reaches out for release with me.

His hands on my back grip me tighter, his breath hitches. My body takes over where my mind can no longer control. Our thrusts become more urgent, more desperate for the release. With a powerful thrust and a moan I feel the heat of him explode inside me. My own explosion a reaction. The contractions and moans feeding off of each other. Each one prolonging, accentuating, encouraging the other.

Exhausted and content, my head on his shoulder, he strokes my back. He kisses my ear and whispers..."I'm glad you're HERE here."

Friday, April 27, 2007


Those lips. Those perfect amazing wonderful lips. The top one, perfectly shaped, the side just begging for my tongue to graze. The softness, the fullness, the strength. Those lips, I want them on me now.

Soft, delicate at first. Tracing trails led by your fingers. Those fingers. The coarseness of your fingertips against the smoothness of my skin. The electric shocks flowing out and down from each small touch.

Don't stop.

Not there.

Don't tease me like that.

Keep know you want to.

I hear your breath hitch. I feel your heart pounding. I can feel the blood flow moving to better places. You're hard now. I feel you against my thigh. Just feeling your hardness is making me moist. Damp in anticipation.

Your eyes. Those perfect eyes. The bottomless depths of your eyes. They hold me captive, I can't think about anything but your eyes. And the feel of your hand...moving...lower. Touching my stomach, moving lightly over my skin.

With a soft moan you finally reach between my legs. You finally let me feel your fingers. I've been waiting for you. Can you tell? Is it as soft and as warm as I've told you it would be? Can you feel how badly I want you?

If I move my hips against the palm of your hand will you let me have a finger? Will you tease me with more than one? If I moan in just the right way will you explore to find the right spots with your thumb?

Yes...oh yes.

That one.

I want to touch you now. My mouth needs to feel you now. I can almost taste you, I can almost feel you against my tongue. Will you let me explore? Will you let me hold you in one hand and lick from the bottom to the top? Will you let me flick my tongue to find the sensitive spot? When my mouth finally takes you in, will you moan? Don't think. Just feel my mouth moving, my tongue working, swirling. Taking you in, tightly griping you with my cheeks. The sound of the skin leaving my lips. The feel of my fingers caressing...holding tightly...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Kiss



His eyes dart from mine to whatever is behind me. His nervousness apparent. We've talked about this moment. There should be no surprises. Yet...we both fumble nervously for the words to say.

His arms reach for the hug we've both wanted. Wrapped around me, asking if it is still ok. Possessively holding my shoulders with splayed fingers. Dipping his head into my hair.

"You look beautiful."


He lets go with hesitation. I hold on to his waist a little longer than necessary. Feeling the tension in his muscles. Feeling the questions he holds inside. Reassuring him with a smile.

He takes my hand. Rough skin against my smooth fingers. Twined and holding. Leading. His thumb traces circles on the palm of my hand. Lazy messages of sensations yet to come. My breath catches as I imagine his thumb tracing those same circles...

I blush...he notices. He smiles.

In the shadows of the fireplace we sit on the couch. As one entity. Curled up together, intertwined. His palm on my cheek turns my head towards him. His eyes reflecting the flames of the fire. Is it really just a reflection? He bends his head, in slow motion. We don't close our eyes. I watch him as his lips touch mine. The flames leap.

His tongue gracing the outside of my lips...asking permission to enter. The lightest touch of his lips on mine. The softest whisper of breath. My hands reach to hold him tighter. Anywhere. His skin, his flesh, his body. His kiss becomes urgent. Wanting to claim my mouth as his own. Seeking possession of the warmth.

Hands roam. Buttons fly off my shirt, or maybe it's his shirt. I can't be sure. We are just suddenly chest to chest. Nipple to nipple. My piercings cold and hard against his soft warm skin. Dying to be touched. Screaming to be devoured the way he has devoured my mouth. I moan softly as he releases my mouth to move down my neck. His dark hands standing out in contrast to my white skin. His lips satisfying the urge, leaving me wanting more.

He looks at me. He smiles, the firelight twinkling in his eyes.


"Um...hi". I reply, out of breath.