Friday, April 27, 2007


Those lips. Those perfect amazing wonderful lips. The top one, perfectly shaped, the side just begging for my tongue to graze. The softness, the fullness, the strength. Those lips, I want them on me now.

Soft, delicate at first. Tracing trails led by your fingers. Those fingers. The coarseness of your fingertips against the smoothness of my skin. The electric shocks flowing out and down from each small touch.

Don't stop.

Not there.

Don't tease me like that.

Keep know you want to.

I hear your breath hitch. I feel your heart pounding. I can feel the blood flow moving to better places. You're hard now. I feel you against my thigh. Just feeling your hardness is making me moist. Damp in anticipation.

Your eyes. Those perfect eyes. The bottomless depths of your eyes. They hold me captive, I can't think about anything but your eyes. And the feel of your hand...moving...lower. Touching my stomach, moving lightly over my skin.

With a soft moan you finally reach between my legs. You finally let me feel your fingers. I've been waiting for you. Can you tell? Is it as soft and as warm as I've told you it would be? Can you feel how badly I want you?

If I move my hips against the palm of your hand will you let me have a finger? Will you tease me with more than one? If I moan in just the right way will you explore to find the right spots with your thumb?

Yes...oh yes.

That one.

I want to touch you now. My mouth needs to feel you now. I can almost taste you, I can almost feel you against my tongue. Will you let me explore? Will you let me hold you in one hand and lick from the bottom to the top? Will you let me flick my tongue to find the sensitive spot? When my mouth finally takes you in, will you moan? Don't think. Just feel my mouth moving, my tongue working, swirling. Taking you in, tightly griping you with my cheeks. The sound of the skin leaving my lips. The feel of my fingers caressing...holding tightly...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Kiss



His eyes dart from mine to whatever is behind me. His nervousness apparent. We've talked about this moment. There should be no surprises. Yet...we both fumble nervously for the words to say.

His arms reach for the hug we've both wanted. Wrapped around me, asking if it is still ok. Possessively holding my shoulders with splayed fingers. Dipping his head into my hair.

"You look beautiful."


He lets go with hesitation. I hold on to his waist a little longer than necessary. Feeling the tension in his muscles. Feeling the questions he holds inside. Reassuring him with a smile.

He takes my hand. Rough skin against my smooth fingers. Twined and holding. Leading. His thumb traces circles on the palm of my hand. Lazy messages of sensations yet to come. My breath catches as I imagine his thumb tracing those same circles...

I blush...he notices. He smiles.

In the shadows of the fireplace we sit on the couch. As one entity. Curled up together, intertwined. His palm on my cheek turns my head towards him. His eyes reflecting the flames of the fire. Is it really just a reflection? He bends his head, in slow motion. We don't close our eyes. I watch him as his lips touch mine. The flames leap.

His tongue gracing the outside of my lips...asking permission to enter. The lightest touch of his lips on mine. The softest whisper of breath. My hands reach to hold him tighter. Anywhere. His skin, his flesh, his body. His kiss becomes urgent. Wanting to claim my mouth as his own. Seeking possession of the warmth.

Hands roam. Buttons fly off my shirt, or maybe it's his shirt. I can't be sure. We are just suddenly chest to chest. Nipple to nipple. My piercings cold and hard against his soft warm skin. Dying to be touched. Screaming to be devoured the way he has devoured my mouth. I moan softly as he releases my mouth to move down my neck. His dark hands standing out in contrast to my white skin. His lips satisfying the urge, leaving me wanting more.

He looks at me. He smiles, the firelight twinkling in his eyes.


"Um...hi". I reply, out of breath.