Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Morning

Soft sheets catch between my legs as I stretch, aware of the first thoughts of the morning. Sunlight just beginning to filter through the window, hidden by the dawn, reaching for your face. You hide from the day buried under the pillow. Blankets strewn across your body as I was last night I am envious of their closeness to you.

With slow movements so not to wake you I slide my body closer, reaching under your burrow of covers to find what I claimed last night. Exhausted, sleeping, peaceful in your morning slumber you are completely unaware of the thoughts that woke me.

Careful not to tickle you with my hair, I bend my head down, lightly tracing my tongue from the bottom of your still sleeping shaft to the top. Although no reaction is apparent your feet twitch. I loop my tongue around you and take you in my mouth, warm, wet...lightly sucking with smooth regular pressure. Nothing else touching your skin to let you know I am there.

From the bottom to the top the blood begins to rush in, before thought even enters your mind. Your sleepy body isn't yet capable of movement, yet you are thrusting against my mouth, wanting to go deeper. Keeping you in my mouth, I swirl my tongue around from the back to the front and back again. You moan...I think you're starting to wake up.

Reaching down with one hand I cup your balls, lightly massaging them while keeping firm even strokes with my mouth. Your hips keeping time with my mouth increase the pace. Your hands find my hair, twining through, holding on. You groan...I think you're awake now.

My mouth tightens, my tongue speeds up. I take you deeper into my mouth. You are covered with a warm slippery wetness that has taken all friction away. Smoothly you slide past my lips, over my tongue, past my cheeks, to my throat and back again. Your balls tense...I can feel the pressure building. I moan to help you along, the small vibrations from the back of my throat playing on the most sensitive tip of you.

"I'm gonna cum", you whisper.

I speed up to show you that's what I want you to do. I want to feel your release from the palm of my hand through my lips. You start to tense, you're close. My lips tighten the pressure. I suck harder. My tongue swirls faster. The warmth that is you fills my mouth in one great gush, with a moan from you that you can't control.

Keeping you in my mouth softly until you have come down from your peak, I softly take you back to where you started. You run your fingers through my hair, oblivious to the way the sunlight has now stretched out and reached you. Blankets shoved to the bottom of the bed, pillows strewn, sheets rumpled, this is where we were last night. I roll up to lay in your arms once more.

Good morning.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


"Come here" says the message that pops up on my screen.

Tipping my head up, I look in his eyes.

This is my favorite place. The place where we can just be us. Curled up on the couch, watching tv. I'm working on my laptop. He's working on his laptop. Leaning against him, we're together, in our own worlds. Occasionally we'll invade each other's world...just as a reminder that we're together.

"I am here" I respond.

"I know...but I want you HERE here" he says.

"I am HERE here" I say.

I flip the screen down on my computer and roll over. He pretends he doesn't notice. His eyes stay on his screen. I slip my hands under his laptop to feel his thighs. I love the feel of his thighs. His muscles tense under my fingers. His breath speeds up, but his eyes never waiver.

My hands move up to find his waist. Undoing the buttons, he reacts, even though he doesn't move. Finally he sets the computer aside. Hands twine in my hair, stroking softly.


"Hi. How was your day honey?"

"Better now."

Pulling my head up he searches for my lips. One hand holding tightly in my hair, the other wrapped firmly around my body. His tongue graces mine, teasing lightly then tasting fully, pulling me closer with each breath.

He pulls at my shirt, as I pull at his. Climbing on top of him so I can feel his skin. The warmth of his chest on mine. The feel of his chest as it touches mine deeper with each breath. Straddling him, grinding my hips on his. Touching his skin. Kissing his neck. Feeling his hands. I'm lost.

Eyes closed, I reach down guiding him where I need him to be. I want him to fill the void, fill the wet warm place that's been waiting for him all day. I sink down onto him. Moaning at the intense fullness that only he brings. His tongue moves around my mouth in slow lazy circles. Echoing the movements inside of me. Moving faster, deeper than should be possible.

Throwing my head back giving him access to my nipples, bites lightly and holds my hips tighter. He thrusts faster. I moan as the pressure builds. The sensations centering around him and the pleasure he brings.

"Cum now." He growls in my ear.

I contract around him, tensing in anticipation of my release. Shifting my hips in time with his thrusts. Feeling him deep, not wanting him to stop. Feeling him tense as he reaches out for release with me.

His hands on my back grip me tighter, his breath hitches. My body takes over where my mind can no longer control. Our thrusts become more urgent, more desperate for the release. With a powerful thrust and a moan I feel the heat of him explode inside me. My own explosion a reaction. The contractions and moans feeding off of each other. Each one prolonging, accentuating, encouraging the other.

Exhausted and content, my head on his shoulder, he strokes my back. He kisses my ear and whispers..."I'm glad you're HERE here."