Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Thoughts of you distract me. Time has stretched too long. Your fingers have been too long away from mine. Your eyes look into mine only when I sleep.

Memories of your lips, the way they feel on mine, do not tide me over any longer. The way your tongue explores my lips before your lips meet mine. The way your breath touches my skin as you pull me closer. The way you pull me close to meet you, pull me close with your arms, and your lips, and your eyes, and your touch.

Those thoughts distract me.

Do you still think about the time we managed to rob reality of those few moments? When your arms were wrapped around me? When I felt your skin on mine for the first time? The way I nibbled your ear. The sensitive part of your neck that made your breath hitch? Do you remember the way my fingers felt on your chest? The way my hands traced trails down your stomach.

Did my mouth leave a memory? Or was it my tongue? Exploring all of you, taking you in my mouth. Warming you slowly. Listening to you moan, I know you enjoyed it at the time. I can still taste you. The sweet salty taste of you.

When I close my eyes I can almost feel you on top of me again. I can almost feel the look in your eyes. The roughness of your chest on mine. The heat of us radiating into the cool of the room. The feel of you inside me, the complete connection with you. The relief of finally getting what I had been waiting for.

These thoughts distract me...

Do they distract you?

It is time for more distracting thoughts. Time for more memories. Time for more.