Sunday, April 20, 2008


You think you know. You hide behind shame, behind social norms. This is the part of you I want to see. Your upbringing shelters the you that wants to find me, that runs from me. Scared.

I am not the enemy. Do not be afraid. I will not hurt you. Not physically. I am not dangerous. Not to your body.

I make you question your assumptions. I make you look behind the truths that you hold so dear. I make you want to share. I make you want to hide. I make you want to run. I make you want to stay in the places you have found comfort. Yet, when you are there they are hollow without me.

You wonder whether you are willing to take on the responsibility of me. You wonder whether you are willing to pass up the opportunity of me. The battle rages, the rage comes out in ways you have not experienced in a long time, in ways you haven't let yourself feel.

I will touch you. I will hold you in the most comfortable way. I will turn over every facet of control, and with that I have you. You need me. You need to control me. You need to know me. You need to own me. You need to have me. And only then will you be fulfilled.

I will teach you things you didn't know you wanted to learn. I will push your boundaries as you push mine. We will tie each other in knots, punish each other for our own weakness. We will take out our own aggressions in our own ways. We know what we are looking for...but we do not know what we will find.

We will find the unknown. The control and uncontrolled, the loss and the gain. The need and the want...met...lost.

Walking into it with eyes wide open. Walking into it blinded by lust. Walking into it with baggage that cannot be checked. Expecting nothing. Expecting everything. Expecting to learn, expecting to teach. Expecting to fail.

You will run. I will run. Will we catch each other in the end? Can you find me in the rabbit hole? Will you want to look?


Quit thinking.

It's not about that.

It's about the feeling. The tactile sensation of your skin. The feeling of your blood reacting to my touch. Your breath speeding up as you think of where I am wet. Where will you fuck me next? Where will you come on me now? When I suck you off will you moan my name? That is all that your mind can hold.

Hold that. Hold that true. That is all that is real. That is all that is now.

Now cum. Let me taste you. Let me smell you. Let me feel you. Let me hear you. Tell me it's my turn. Make me scream out your name. Make me forget the details.

Hold that. Hold that true. That is all that is real. That is all that is now. That may be all that there is.