Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Puppet

You overwhelm me with your presence. Your voice inside my head. Thoughts of you creep in when I am least suspecting, least prepared. You are there.

Your body is under me now, as I have imagined those many nights. My head resting on your shoulder. My back to your stomach. My body rises and falls with your breath. I melt into you.

My arms stretched out above my head, hands pinned by your shoulders. My back arched against you. Legs spread around yours, feet twined in your legs. Your arms come out from underneath me, touching me, holding me, like I have held myself for you those many nights.

Your fingers splayed across my neck, pressing down my chest. Finding my nipples hard and wanting. My breath stops as you pinch. Pulling them up, pulling them down, rolling them under the palm of your hand. I feel your cock stiffening under me, feel it rise between my legs. I arch to meet it, seeking to have you fill me.

Fingers tracing down my stomach, following my curves accentuated by the arch of my back...exaggerated by the position of my body.

"Stop moving, I will touch you where I wish. When I am done, I will tell you."

My breath stops again. I feel the wetness begin to drip down past my ass, down towards him. I relax into him. Mold into him. Concentrate on his fingertips.

The fingers move past my stomach, reaching for my clit. They find it wet, swollen, tender. One finger taps it gently and I squirm.

"Stop moving."

He taps again and I stay still. Two fingers now. Rolling from side to side. I begin to drift away to the rhythm he is making on my body. Pinch. Tap. Roll.

My mind centers on the building sensation. The electric build up in my stomach. I arch towards him with a moan.

"You cannot cum if you don't stop moving."

A whimper escapes between my lips. Parted. Panting.

One finger slowly slides down towards my cunt. Dripping, dripping so wet it is cool between my legs. He traces circles around the opening to my pussy. Getting his fingers wet, sliding from my opening back up to my clit, back down again. Making me wetter, making me want him to fuck me with his fingers. Just one, just to feel one slide up inside me so deep. Just one so I can clamp my pussy down around it and feel the fullness of him.

"You are wet. You are very wet. You please me."

His fingers continue dancing. Sliding circles from my clit to my pussy. I fight to keep from moving. I moan in anticipation. I feel his cock twitch between my legs. I want him to shove his cock into me hard. I want him to dig his fingers into my hips and grind me down on top of him. I want to feel his stomach contract as he flexes to pound harder.

His fingers slide lower, sliding towards the tight opening of my ass. His thumb pressing lightly, firmly. I gasp.

"If you move, you can't cum."

I try to relax. I try to clear my mind of everything but the blissful anticipation of having him inside me. The feeling of his thumb pressing, sliding past the tight opening of my ass. Slipping in just a bit. The feeling of my muscles clamping down on him, urging him, stopping him. His other hand now rubbing my clit faster. Harder.

"I want to fuck you now"

A squeal escapes my lips as he thrusts his cock into my pussy. Three rapid thrusts nearly throwing me over the edge. Three fast thrusts just enough to make me moan.

And then he is gone.

The head of his cock pushing against my ass, sliding in slowly. The brilliant pain, the pleasure, the fullness I need more than I can take. He is fully inside me now. His fingers gripping my hips. His breath ragged beneath me. My back arched against him. He stays still for a moment as my body contracts around him.

He begins to thrust slowly. Each thrust tensing his stomach against my back. His fingers frantically rubbing my clit, tugging my nipples, sliding more rapidly in and out of my ass.

"When I cum, I want you to cum".

My mind focuses on the feeling of his cock. The feeling of him swelling. His breath speeding up, his moans in my ear. His fingers digging harder, pulling me onto him harder, his hips more rapidly thrusting.

I can't hold off much longer. I'm fighting with every bit I have. He is merciless on my clit, rubbing and tapping. I need to cum. I need to release. I need to contract around him and make him fill me.

One great thrust, driving himself deep into my ass, burning from having been fucked so hard. His fingers pinching my nipples until I cry out. I arch my back as the waves start to crash. As my cunt contracts around the fingers he has shoved inside of me. My ass contracting around his cock, milking every drop of cum from his body. I feel the gush of cum shoot out of him and deep inside of me, deep into the core of me, filling me, dripping out of me with each convulsion from me.

Spent. He wraps his arms around me. Lifts his shoulders to release my hands. Rolls over to hold me. Breathing heavy. Full of him, he is still inside me. I rest. Content.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meeting Time

Do You have to go? It's just a meeting. Meetings aren't fun. i want You here with me. i want You to stay. Or better yet, take me with You. It can be a virtual meeting. A meeting You have to attend, but only in mind...only in voice...not in body. i want Your body to be with me. You can turn the phone on speaker...set it on the desk. i will be quiet. i will not make a sound.

If you clear off the corner of the desk You can just bend me over. You could still see Your computer, Your papers, Your meeting could still continue. One hand on the small of my back, the other taking notes while You slowly feed your cock deep in my pussy.

my legs can spread right around Your chair if You prefer. i can sit in Your lap, and grind lazy circles while You concentrate. i can tip my head back and let you take notes on my stomach. i can not move at all, simply tighten my wet cunt around You harder and harder....faster and faster as directed by Your eyes.

Too distracting?

Would You prefer me on the floor? Kneeling between Your legs, tongue tracing trails from your knees to your hips. Waiting for Your hand on the back of my head to allow me to wrap my lips around You. Waiting for the guide of Your fingers in my hair to tell me to pull Your cock all the way into my mouth. i can taste You now... i don't mean to be demanding.

i just want my own meeting.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Are You?

I know who I am.

I've spent years coming to my own conclusions. Traveling down my own path...sometimes a path of beauty...sometimes a path of destruction. My path has been my own, either by choice or necessity. It has brought me here.

To the point where I know who I am.

I've spent years searching for that face. The mind. The soul. The spirit to match mine. The patience to tame me. The strength to own me. The knowledge to teach me. Not to complete me...but to conquer me.

But who are You?

Where have you walked? What have you done? Have you gained all that society has told you to gain? Do you love, or do you hate? Do you fight or do save that for me? Have you amassed a set of tricks, with skill and practice? Do you have experience to bring to the table? Have you loved and lost...or never done either for fear of losing yourself in the end?

Where are You now?

You should tell me. I'll be first. You can check your baggage at the door, or you can bring it in and unpack. You can sigh in comfort, or scream in rage. You can breath...or hold your breath in anticipation. Just tell me...

Who are you?