Sunday, April 18, 2010


Why is it that You do what You do? Why do You reach out? What is the origin of Your urges that lead You here? There are so many perspectives on this place.

Are You here for the mental stimulation? The mind fucking that is available when the guard is dropped and it is safe? The availability to vent Your own private fantasies? Is it simply the ability to speak the words and know that they fall on willing ears? When the fantasies are processed and enjoyed...played back with their own that what You enjoy?

Are You here for the psychological enjoyment? The dance at the edges of taboo? Do You seek to discovery all that lies within the boundaries, and then push the boundaries a little farther. Is it simply that pushing that You are after? When the boundaries are clearly stated, or even it the thrill of going just a little bit further?

Are You here for the challenge? The conqueror's spirit unleashed on something unseen? To obtain as do what cannot be take what cannot be taken? Do You seek the struggle and the fight? Is it simply to win something? Is it to hold a prize at the end, knowing that it was worthy of the effort?

Are You here for the control? Perhaps the control You are missing elsewhere. Control You have never been able to name, or to identify. To set forth a plan and a vision and have a willing subject follow through because ultimately You do control more than Yourself? Do you seek to pull the strings like a puppet master? Is it simply the chance to play a god that draws You?

Are You here for the physical release? Is the simple kinky fuck all You seek? The long slow buildup to the equivalent of a high dollar hooker? The ability to simply have a warm wet hole to fill with Your fluids without the remorse or guilt of emotion? Do you simply seek Your own pleasure without having to reciprocate? Is it simply a live blow-up doll that You seek?

Did i miss something? Is there another reason? Is there another purpose for You? Perhaps. Maybe. Maybe You seek something You have not yet fully accepted. Maybe the reason is not clear to You. Maybe You came here without a reason. Maybe You don't want to know.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Thoughts in recess with nowhere to go
lost to the vacant storms raging
Birthed in turmoil, suffocated in silence
drawn from the depths by furry
tamped by monotony of mundane
Pull harder.
Push deeper.
Drive farther.
Don't stop now. Not now...not there...