Tuesday, May 4, 2010


How is it that a plug can bring almost instant submission? It is more than the societal teachings that it is taboo. The taboo has been overcome, if not sought for too long for it to hold any power. It is more than the physical sensations. The same sensations can be caused by numerous other objects...without the same reaction. Yet, with the directive to insert the plug...from that moment on...it is almost impossible not to submit.

Just hearing the command to plug the ass makes it difficult to make eye contact. The feeling of the tip pushing against the tightly closed hole, makes "Sir" roll off the tongue so much easier. The fullness once it is in makes kneeling the necessary posture. After a bit, a simple flick of the clit, and begging is the only option. He who controls the plug controls the girl. It is almost as simple as that.

Admittedly it is different when following the directions to insert the plug than when simply laying passively and receiving the insertion. Yet, the end result is the same. Every movement, every breath, every twitch, every single pulse is a reminder of the plug. That reminder can sit in the recesses of thoughts, simply announcing it's presence. It can also scream out for recognition. Either way, it's always there.

Sometimes the plug is simply used as a tool of training. Begin with the smallest of diameters and work up to something resembling the girth of that which is ultimately intended. Sometimes the plug is used as a tool of pleasure. Heightening the arousal and sensations during a particularly intense sexual session. Sometimes the plug is used to tease and tantalise. To remind the wearer that certain voids can be filled, leaving others gaping and wanting.

All of the reasons for the plug have their purpose and benefit, depending on the circumstance...and the receiver. All of the reasons can be beneficial and enjoyable, given the right scenario. Still, in the middle of the benefits and pleasure, the need to submit is the overwhelming desire.

But how is it that a plug can bring almost instant submission? How? Because it feels so good, so bad, so right, so wrong, so intense, so everything...all at the same time.