Saturday, July 31, 2010


Mind full of necessary thoughts to complete the task, his entrance is unnoticed. His prowl silent until lips against my ear announce his presence.

"Are you working, pet?"

Nerve endings fire all at once as my fingers hold their position in mid task.

"Yes...but not now."

I try to turn my head to meet his lips, those lips so close to skin.

"No, pet, keep working."

All hope of concentration gone. My mind fights with my body to obey. To listen and keep working. He does not want my attention on him, but in that moment he is all there is.

A soft sigh escapes my lips as the backs of his fingernails trace down my neck. Hand spreading across the front of my throat, fingers on one side of my jaw, thumb on the other. His palm pressed against my racing pulse. Holding my head firmly in his grasp, the other hand melts down my chest to reach inside my bra and grasp one swollen breast. Thumb across the nipple, catching on the piercing to pull just a bit. Pinching lightly at first to squeeze then flick then twist until I gasp.

"No, pet, keep working." His hand tightens around my neck, stopping the turn towards his mouth.

His body shifts against my back. I can feel his excitement, pressing so close. Fingers itch just to reach back and touch him.

His hand moves lower, palm open and fingers splayed, down the curve of my belly towards the warmth that is spreading for him. Fingers tease the outward skin, tracing as if blind and seeing for the first time.

My hips shift, legs spread in anticipation. My head held still by his firm grip. Pulse racing and breath ragged, I sigh.

Delicately, his finger parts the flesh and begins slow strokes. Slowly exploring each and every fold and crevice, the world revolves around his hand. One finger reaches to dip inside the pool of wet, slipping farther in his quest.

"Pet, stop moving. If you move I will stop."

My head tipped back against him I moan.

Two fingers thrust in quickly, palm pressed firmly against my now swollen clit.

"Pet, you may grind against my hand, but you may not cum."

Hips begin slow steady movement. Urging him deeper. Riding his palm. Legs spread farther in an attempt to seek more. Each movement a little faster, hips bucking, his hand stays firm and solid. The excitement builds, it is getting close. I clasp his fingers tighter with each thrust, squeezing tighter as the tension reaches the peak.

But all at once the hand is gone. Fingers pressing against my lips, tracing the outer curves. The heavy scent of arousal seeping into his skin.

"Taste it, pet."

I open my mouth and he lays the taste on my tongue. Closing my lips around his finger to suck, flicking my tongue against each fold of skin.

"Now, pet, get back to work."

And he is gone. His touch ripped away leaving nothing but cool air where his warmth once stood. On edge, writhing, brain disjointed, without him.