Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Remember?

Do you remember that time? That one time. Trust me, it was different from all the rest. The sound of breath held in anticipation. Wonder in met eyes. Waiting. Wanting. Questions that went unanswered until sometime later. Do you remember now?


I do.


How is it that we, as a society, as people, have developed such intricate rituals of leaving our mark? Why do we feel the need to claim, and to be claimed? Is it an innate desire, an animistic urge not yet removed through evolution...or simply the conditioning of the society in which we are placed...the higher thinking version of peeing on a piece of grass.

Every "chick-flick" is based around the concept of claiming and being claimed. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, insert some sort of conflict, insert some sort of resolution, insert claiming in the form of carrying her off into the sunset, putting the ring on her finger, dipping her back into a passionate kiss, fucking her madly...they're all the same. The sociological imprint to desire this claiming is quite deeply embedded.

Yet, to want to be claimed is somehow archaic, old fashioned, out of step. Society has not completely shifted from the standard acceptance to "that's bad"...not quite yet. In the silence of our minds we still want to claim and be claimed. Society cannot force that out, not yet.

In the recesses of the silent dark, the urge to feel the hand clamped around wrists. The urge to claim the deepest parts of each other. The urge to mark. The urge to be marked. The urge to call it "mine". These have not faded. In the recesses of the silent dark, the urge grows.

It is from this urge, this base and primal desire, that I wish to be claimed. To be owned by one who is worth of ownership. To be conquered by one who wins the battle. To fight and be fought. This urge to be laid over a knee and firmly brought in line. The urge to be knelt in the corner and subdued. The urge to be spread and immobilized for the taking. This...oh yes...this is the urge.