Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hand between her shoulders and he pushes her down on the bed. Face down, ass up, she kneels waiting for his next move.

"Are you wet, pet?"

He can very well see she's wet. He's been teasing her for hours, for what feels like days. The look in his eyes enough to make her writhe. She can feel the moisture between her legs as the cool air from the fan blows softly against her skin. Yes, she is wet. She is dripping.

She can hear him undress. Sense that he is stepping closer. Hands cup her ass and squeeze. His fingers spread her for inspection, a cold drop of moisture running down her thigh. Slight pressure and his fingers have penetrated her, she tries to stay still. She tries not to moan. She tries not to press back against him. But she fails. She needs to feel him.

"Rub your clit, pet."

Slowly she runs her fingers down her slit. Showing him how she touches herself. Fingers on each side of her clit, squeezing slightly, rolling and pulling for him to see. She feels the head of his cock rested on the top of her ass. His thighs pressed against hers. One hand reaching to take her hair.

"Fuck yourself, pet."

One finger slowly dips between the folds. Slowly in and out she moves her finger, trying not to make a sound. The impact of his hand on her ass startles her, sends her jumping.

"No, pet. I said fuck yourself."

Two fingers, moving. Quickly pumping against the building pressure. She grinds her hips against her hand. Rubbing her clit against her palm as her fingers pulse faster and faster. She feels it build. Knowing that her self control has a limit, and that was breached by his touch. She needs to feel him.

In a flash, he appears at her head. His cock bobbing in front of her mouth. Hands pull her hair up to position her head for his entry. His thick swollen head teasing her lips, guiding past and into her mouth, further down to her throat.

She panics, the loss of breath taking her attention from her clit. She tries to wrap her lips tighter. She tries to run her tongue up the bottom of his shaft.

"No, pet. Open wide, you are just a hole for me."

Her jaw drops, and he slides in further. Taking her head in both hands he drives himself into her mouth. Spit drips as she opens herself fully for him. Faster now, his balls slapping on her chin, her head arched back to take him.

With one ferrel grunt he drives himself deep down her throat as she fights the gagging reflex. She feels his explosion as he buries his cock farther than she thought possible. Spit and cum dripping past her lips she holds still while he releases every last drop.

She is on edge. Ready to cum with the sound of his voice. Pressing her fingers as deep as they will go, waiting for her own release.

"That's a good pet. Now stay there and wait for me."

He has left her mouth and her cunt drips with anticipation. To feel him, his fingers, his tongue, his touch...please...just to let her cum.

And the sound of the door closing behind him brings a moan to her lips. She is left waiting.


DauntlessVitality said...

WOW! Very nice! Waiting...anticipation...such a lovely tool! :)


Liquid Assets said...

Thank you kindly, DV.