Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Being Owned

I'm a fairly independent woman. Few, if any, who know me in "real life" would categorize me as submissive in any way. Outgoing, loud, bold...all of these would be words used by others...but submissive is not one of them.

Yet, I am. I am to those who have earned the submission.

In all of that is the question of why...why in the hell would I want that submission, crave that submission, need that submission? And what about when just being submissive is not enough?

The answer is fairly simple, for me anyway. It is simply that to be conquered by one who has the ability to do so is...the ultimate. I am not easy to conquer. Hell, I'm not easy to talk to most of the time. But once conquered, I am putty.

Ownership, or being owned, is a step beyond submission. Submission, to me, implies a finite period of time. A scene, an evening, an But ownership...ownership is more. There is maintenance required in the ownership of anything. A responsibility taken by the owner. It is a deeper understanding of submission. All of the talk of being "just an object for desire" becomes real. The owned becomes that object, an object, a thing to be possessed.

Yet, as much as there is objectification on the surface, there is a deeper humanity underneath. For what is more precious than to own a human being, one who is willingly giving herself to be owned. What is more connective than to hand yourself over to another for complete control. It is the ultimate display of trust. And it is the ultimate connection.

It surpasses the physical, and becomes solidly spiritual...emotional...psychological. It is the ultimate.

So I've been told.

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